Targeted Applications

Targeted Solutions

There are purpose-built applications in the Blind Country suite that solve issues faced by specific groups within the community. All applications are accessed from the easy-to-use Blind Country personal assistant interface, known as Becky.

Working Individuals

Visually impaired workers have a range of tools to help them better manage their workday, allowing them to be more efficient and effective in thier chosen careers.

  • Scheduling: The Blind Country solution makes it easy to maintain one's personal schedule. There are also other advantages for workers who have clients that need to book appointments, such as massage therapists and other service providers. Clients can review availability times and make bookings directly through the member's custom business website. Moreover, the schedule will automatically synchronize with the smartphone which is handy for checking schedules and making new bookings while out and about.
  • Contacts: Being able to easily maintain an up-to-date contact list is important for everyone, but essential for working people. The Blind Country personal assistant can keep more details than a standard contact list. For example, a detailed profile history can be stored against each client, which is needed for professions such as psychology and massage therapy. Contact lists automatically synchronize with smartphones so client's details can be accessed while on the go.
  • Invoicing: Generating professional invoices for services rendered is extremely easy. Each invoice can be customized at the time of creation or updated later. Additional information gathered from a client's profile can automatically be printed on the invoice if required (such as a health insurance provider number).
  • Payments: The ability for clients to make online payments is available, which are automatically recorded and reported by the invoicing system.
  • Notes: Detailed notes can be kept and categorized by topic, with a variety of search options to make retrieving the right note a breeze.
  • Reminders: Reminders of upcoming work appointments are essential in almost any job. The Blind Country personal assistant allows for the creation of recurring reminders and the ability to snooze or reschedule reminder notifications for later attention.
  • Promotion: The Blind Country team can create custom business websites for those who run their own businesses. Having a professional website grants access to a whole host of other marketing opportunities such as SEO, online networking and backlinks. These websites seamlessly integrate back into the Blind Country systems to support services such as online bookings and payments.
  • Communication: Being able to communicate effectively in any job is essential. The Blind Country personal assistant provides a host of communication tools to make it easier for the visually impaired to connect and exchange information in a professional way.


The Blind Country system has revolutionized the way blind and low vision students learn by removing educational barriers and actively engaging teachers. Students are better able to demonstrate their grasp of topics, resulting in higher expectations and better results.

  • Access to Resources: Teacher's can submit educational resources via a web portal where students can access them using the standard Becky interface.
  • Calendar: Allowing the student to manage their synchronized schedule through both the Blind Country system and their smartphone makes it easy to manage their time effectively.
  • Reminders: Both students and teachers can set reminders for upcoming project deadlines and other important events.
  • Tests and Exams: Online tools allow teachers to set tests and exams that students can sit using the Blind Country personal assistant. Results can be automatically collected, summarized and presented back to the instructor for evaluation.
  • Reference Tools: The Blind Country personal assistant contains tools to allow students to make references, annotations and connections between materials, organizing knowledge and deepening their understanding of subjects.
  • Research: Students can access educational online resources, with information being presented in an efficient and useful manner.
  • Educational Games: Access to educational games, where students from around the world can compete against each other while learning and having fun.

The Elderly

The vast majority of sight loss is caused by age related illness. Losing one's eyesight can often lead to greater dependence and social isolation, issues that are compounded dramatically when sight loss occurs late in life. At Blind Country we are committed to reversing that trend:

  • Community Involvement: Blind Country hosts many online virtual communities that are easily accessed by the elderly, regardless of computer skills. Members are encouraged to contribute in an environment of support and inclusion.
  • Access to Information: Many communities exist to provide relevant information: topics such as how to manage sight loss and other age-related problems. The information is compiled and shared by people in the same situation facing the same challenges. Such invaluable instruction is often not available through any other medium. There are also communities for people to learn how to get the most out of the Blind Country system for the elderly, encouraging new members to reach out and participate.
  • Reminders: Aging is associated with a decline in memory. For that reason having an easy-to-use system to supplement one's memory is very helpful. Recurring reminders can prompt the elderly to take medications and perform other daily activities.
  • Health Tracking: The Blind Country personal assistant can remind the elderly to perform routine health checks, such as checking blood sugar levels. Results are then recorded by the system and can be monitored remotely by healthcare professionals, ensuring timely intervention if required.
  • Health Advice: There are web portals where nurses and physicians can disseminate relevant health information to their visually impaired patients.
  • Notes: A central location for the elderly to store and retrieve adhoc voice and text notes is extremely helpful.
  • Communication: The elderly can use the Blind Country interface to access the suite of communication tools to help them keep in touch with friends and family - tools that they are unlikely have access to otherwise.
  • Calendar: A calendar is beneficial in remembering appointments. An individual's calendar can be accessed online by trusted helpers who can also add or reschedule appointments.

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