General Applications

Targeted Solutions

The Blind Country suite contains the following general applications that are often used by all members, regardless of age or vocation. All applications are accessed from the easy-to-use Blind Country personal assistant interface, known as Becky.


  • Email: The email interface allows text emails to be sent, received and managed. In addition, the Blind Country personal assistant supports voice emails which work seamlessly with other Blind Country members. When a voice email is sent to an outside party, they will receive a speech-to-text conversion of the email as well as a link to the voice recording where they can listen to the original email message.
  • Web: The built-in web browser is designed to remove superflous information from web pages and present only relevant material.
  • Phone: Blind Country supports both outbound and inbound phone calls, integrated neatly into the personal assistant interface.
  • Skype: Free Internet voice calls can be made via the in-built Skype application.
  • Text Messages: The sending of outgoing SMS messages is supported. All outgoing messages appear as if they were sent from the individual's mobile phone, so any replies will be directed back to the phone.
  • Instant Messaging: Blind Country supports free Skype instant messaging.
  • Facebook: People can keep in touch with friends and family with the integrated Facebook application. Many Facebook functions are supported, such as: friending and de-friending, posting to walls, commenting and liking.
  • Twitter: An easy way for the visually impaired to tweet, toot and twirl.


  • Book Store: The Blind Country personal assistant is able to access several online bookstores. Included are the free audio book libraries of various blind advocacy groups, as well as an Audible interface which gives visually impaired users access to over 100,000 audio books.
  • Book Reader: An integrated book reader allows easy management of an audio book library. It automatically remembers where each book in the library is up to. It allows users to add bookmarks, record notes and add annotations along the way.
  • Music Store: The visually impaired are able to browse and purchase from online music stores, such as iTunes.
  • Music Player: An integrated music player allows easy management of one's music library, including the ability to create and manage playlists.
  • Internet Radio: Access to streaming radio stations, from local to all around the world.
  • Podcasts: Allows the visually impaired to listen to podcasts feeds and keep track of their subscriptions.
  • Audio Descriptive Movies: Download and play both public domain and commercial audio descriptive movies.
  • Games: Challenging audio-based games for all ages.


  • Weather: Easy access to local, national and international weather on demand.
  • News: The latest news on demand.
  • Date and Time: Regardless of the task being performed, a user can ask his or her personal assistant for the current date or time.
  • Google: Utilize's Google's accessible search engine to ensure search results are easy to consume by blind and low vision users.
  • Yellow and White Pages: Lookup phone numbers and then place outbound calls effortlessly.
  • Wikipedia: Access to the world's largest and most popular general reference work, presented in a format suitable for the blind.
  • Horoscope: Allows the visually impaired to know the future, predict lotto numbers and become multi-billionaires (disclaimer: actual results may differ from those described here).
  • Recipes: An interface to the recipe library at, over 475,000 recipes. Recipes can be accessed by rating, cuisine, keywords or randomly. Includes a built-in measurement converter.
  • TV Guide: Know what's on the box.
  • First Aid: Quick access to a first aid guide and emergency treatment instructions.


  • Notes: The Blind Country notes application is a unique solution designed specifically for the visually impaired. It records verbal notes and then keeps a record of the speech-to-text conversion of each note as well. This allows notes to be indexable and searchable while still ensuring the original integrity of the message is preserved. Moreover, notes can be attached to specific contacts to build profiles, attached to reminders or utilized by our reference tools.
  • Contacts: All of the tools required to maintain an address book that can automatically synchronizes with a smartphone.
  • Calendar: Manage appointments that can automatically synchronize with a smartphone.
  • Notifications: Notifications can be triggered for several reasons in the Blind Country system: pre-defined reminders, incoming contact (such as a phone call or email message), public notices or system messages. Notifications are prioritized and will behave differently based on the current status of the system ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  • Calculator: A easy way to perform calculations.
  • Read This: A scanner or camera is used to take a snapshot of a document, which is then converted to text by the system and read aloud.
  • What is This?: An item is held up to the computer's webcam, which takes a photo and automaticlly performs an image recognition search. Results of the search - which usually only takes a few moments - are read alound.

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