• No Passport Required

    Over 100 years ago, H.G. Wells imagined a country where all of its citizens were blind. It is with great pleasure that we now welcome you to that virtual country.

    Our members are encouraged to contribute and care for their neighbours, to foster a sense of belonging and well-being for all. Support from people who understand - first hand - the challenges of vision loss.

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  • Dogs Can't Do Everything

    Specially trained dogs are remarkable in assisting visually impaired people to safely navigate a busy world. But they are limited in what they can do.

    Blind Country personal assistant helps where a dog cannot. She provides a practical set of tools that helps blind and low vision people with work, education and general day-to-day tasks. Work smarter, learn quicker... and relax.

    Guide dog
  • See Differently

    Blind and low vision people do not interact with the world in the same way as an able sighted person. Yet traditional accessibility tools are overlaid on technologies designed for the able sighted.

    Blind Country personal assistant is different. She is designed solely for the experience of the visually impaired user. You will find her easy to direct regardless of age or computer literacy.

    Smart Cloud
Blind Country exists to improve the lives of it's blind and visually impaired members. Your Blind Country personal assistant provides a single, seamless interface into a wide range of online services. It is now deemed by many as a "must have" tool for the visually impaired, as essential for day-to-day living as a guide dog or white cane.


Blind Country helps visually impaired people to keep in touch. There are easy-to-use interfaces into our online communities, email, web, telephone, chat, news and social media services.

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Innovative and engaging education modules are changing the way visually impaired children and adults learn. Old barriers are being challenged and creativity and imagination bloom into life.

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Blind Country's tools give the visually impaired confidence to enter the workforce. A rich suite of practical tools aid professions such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, counselling and other service professions.

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Our voice and high visibility interface gives access to several audio book libraries, podcasts, radio, online music stores and a range of other entertainment services.

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Blind County's solutions have dramatically streamlined my massage business. Since Becky has started working for me my business has boomed. She helps take care of my marketing, bookings, payments and paperwork. She even helps out at tax time by providing all of the information my accountant needs. As a blind person I have become very sceptical over the years of the next piece of technology that promises to open up new realms of independence and freedom for me. But Becky is different - she is the real enchilada. I cannot wait to find out what new and exciting developments Becky has up her sleeve.–Robin Braidwood, Blind Massage Therapist